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First Logistics offers an in-house import customs clearance broker. Whether your shipment has already arrived at the airport/wharf and you need to get your cargo customs cleared so you can collect it or you just need some advice about a product you are wanting to import call us today. Or you can fill out the below enquiry form and let us get in touch with you. 

All services under one roof

One of the biggest problems people usually face when they are sending items abroad or have received something from overseas is to get swift customs clearance. Most people who have not done this type of thing before or only need to deal with it occasionally find that it is a big waste of time. As a matter of fact, many regular importers and exporters also find customs brokerage to be a hassle. So, this is where we come in!

First Logistics handles everything

At First Logistics we will handle all customs clearance in-house. So, regardless of if you are sending off a shipment to a business partner half way across the world or have received a recent shipment, we will get your cargo cleared. In addition, if there is a specific product that you want to import or need advice on importing it we can help.

At First Logistics we have a combined 80 years of experience in the shipping industry. We are not just a customs brokerage firm but also a business that regularly advises people on everything relating to importing and exporting certain items. We can also help in cases where most people seem to be without information.

We are easy to approach

First Logistics is perhaps the only customs brokerage firm in Australia that you will have no problem doing business with. Our highly efficient customer services coupled with people who have spent decades in the shipping industry and with some who have international experience we are able to provide a service which is quite frankly unsurpassed. This is why regardless of the size of the shipment or what you are importing or exporting makes it a point to contact us. Also if you are thinking of starting a business which requires frequent imports we can help you too in this regard. Plus compared to many of our competitors we do not overcharge, as a matter of fact we are very reasonably priced.

If you have a shipment that needs to be cleared right now or you are expecting one within the next few days then contact us today! You can also get in touch by filing out our online enquiry form or you can just call us at: (612) 9667 3550.

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