Company Update

For those who have been working with First Logistics Pty Ltd for quite some time you would have met our directors Kevin and Jillian Hamilton. After an amazing 17 years of business Kevin and Jillian have decided to retire and enjoy all that retired has in store for them. With

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First Logistics went to Austria

It was fantastic to meet with a long time partner in Vienna, Austria BTG Spedition to see what they can do! BTG are positioned with direct access to the airport, and their own on site XRAY Machine. Thank you for having us!

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New Logistics Strategy

This single row of panels is a culmination of 18 months work. First Logistics developed a new logistics strategy for the client that could result in a saving of approximately $70,000 per year in logistics and transport costs. Whilst this is just the first container, we are looking forward to

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Lessons Learnt

At times Quarantine can be incredibly frustrating however the below is a good reminder. Consignee had imported new recycling plant equipment from China. Upon tail gate inspection dust was sighted and unpack and further inspect required. The equipment turned out to be some of the most unclean plant equipment the

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Meet our General Manager

Meet Tim Hamilton, our General Manager. Today is his birthday! Tim started at First Logistics 11 years ago as a warehouse assistant and has since then, been in every role in the company until 2016 when he was appointed as General Manager. With over 11 years of experience in Freight

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We’ve got your container unpacks sorted!

Most days at our First Logistics headquarters we are unpacking containers for our clients. Some people think that unpacks are easy, and some are, however depending on how your container has been packed at the other end, it can be really hard work. To avoid having to do this yourself,

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Our staff offers over 120 years of combined freight experience so we are more than equipped to provide you with the best tailored freight options and smooth service to get your freight from A to B.




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