Road and Container Transport Services

First Logistics is not just an International freight company. First Logistics has a brand new fleet of trucks to assist you with any delivery requirement you might have. From removing or delivering containers to/from the wharf we can offer you many different trailer options to suit your needs. With our tautliner trucks that have the option of a lift gate on the rear, we can help your deliveries that don't have the option of a fork lift or if you have some parcels that require express transport our ute service can urgently delivery anywhere you need. Teamed with our international freight and customs brokerage let First Logistics assist you with your transport. Please fill out the below enquiry form or just call us directly. 

Road Transport Services

Apart from providing assistance with international consignments we also offer local container transport. Our road transport services are second to none, as a matter of fact, many see them as being the best. The reason why we are the best is that we have a fleet of the best and latest trucks. In addition, these trucks are maintained to the highest standards so that they never break down and your shipments are never delayed as a result. If you are expecting an international shipment we can have the shipment depending on its size sent to you regardless of the city that you currently reside in. This is one of the best things about our road transport service. Starting with removing the container from the wharf of its origin to sending it to you we can also provide you with a number of different trailer options.

Container Transport Services

One of the best things about our container transport services is that they are sensibly priced. Unlike other services we never over price or try to sell you more than you need. When people hire our container transport services they are mainly paying for a truck of their choice which is large enough to house and transport their container to the doorstep of their choosing. So, the pricing depends on the length of the transportation journey of the container and secondly on the type of truck which is chosen.

We also deliver small parcels

If you receive a number of small parcels we can also transport them to you regardless of the city you reside in. However, the cost of delivering an average size or larger than average size parcel will depend on a number of factors including its weight and dimensions. But our clients can be assured that it will still be delivered to their doorstep. So, for instance, if you have a consignment that just got off the ship at Sydney we can have it transported to you in Melbourne. so, no distances are too great for our services and being late is not an option!

This is why if you have been thinking of sending a large parcel to your friend in another city or need a freshly arriving consignment delivered to your home or office than Contact us today. People can also fill out an enquiry from on our website or they can call (612) 9667 3550.

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