Company Update


For those who have been working with First Logistics Pty Ltd for quite some time you would have met our directors Kevin and Jillian Hamilton. After an amazing 17 years of business Kevin and Jillian have decided to retire and enjoy all that retired has in store for them. With all of their hard work and sacrifice, First Logistics wouldn’t be where it is today without them, and we wish them every wonderful thing in this next phase of life.

So officially since 1 February 2021, Tim and Linda Hamilton have taken over as directors with a new name ‘First Logistics Australia Pty Ltd’. Tim (son of Kevin and Jillian) has been the General Manager at First Logistics for 7 years and worked in the business since he left high school. Linda has also worked in accounts at First Logistics for the past 4 years and is well ready to take on her new role as director. Our staff will also stay the same, so the good news is that not a lot has to change around here to keep the engine running!

We would personally like to thank all our clients for their support and friendship and we look forward in continuing to work with you and give you all the best freight outcomes. We would also like to honour our staff, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and we appreciate everyone going above and beyond in everything you do.

If you have any questions about the recent changes please get in contact with Tim or Linda.

Other than that it is business as usual!

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